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T: +44 (0)1858 456949

Specialist Flat Roofing and Waterproofing Components

InStar UK offer innovative products and solutions to complement high performing roofing systems. We strive to innovate, bringing new products to market that will enhance roofing assemblies; improving quality, speed and safety of the installation.

INSTA-STIK Roofing Adhesive in 13.5 kg and 750ml handy size
Professional roofing adhesive for attachment of insulation boards to a variety of substrates on flat roofs. Cold applied and easy to use, fast adhesion within 20-45 minutes.

New Contract Pack also available, covering 70m² per pack.

Elotene DSN Self-adhesive Total Vapour Barrier
Waterproof & self-adhesive, cold applied without the use of flames. High tear resistance and tensile strength. For use with RedStar SBS Adhesive Primer.

Pitch / Pipe Pocket Sealer Kit
Flexible, tough and durable, impact resistant. Cold liquid applied, no risk of fire during simple application.

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